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Finally, a tribe you have been looking & waiting for! 

  • Have you been seeking for your true calling in life?

  • Have you been wondering about your purpose?

  • Are you looking for support & guidance?

  • Are you ready to unleash your full potential, heal & grow? 


Finally, Your Tribe & Community that gets your Unique You - where You can be Your Authentic Self! A safe space to Heal & Grow Spiritually & meet new like-minded friends!

The best part - we are here all together on the same mission!

Just like a butterfly, are you ready to leave your cocoon & spread your wings? It's time my dear, you are here for a divine reason! 

Whether it's your first encounter with spiritual healing or you are on the mission to go deeper, to grow further & higher, welcome Beautiful Soul to our Soul Circle, our Spiritual Club!

We welcome you with Love & absolutely no judgment.

All genders - welcome! 

Join us!  It's time for you to Shine Your Light!

I welcome you with Love to our Soul Circle that is filled with uplifting vibrations, healing energy, spiritual growth, self awakening & enlightenment for the Highest of Good! 
Are you ready to heal, awaken & transform? Together we heal & grow! I don’t need to know you to feel you!

Being born as a Medium, my Spiritual Journey has taken me to my True Purpose in this Reincarnation. 


My Soul Purpose – is to spiritually help and support people in their healing journey, give guidance, to empower and infuse them with love and light, remove energetic and emotional blockages, overcome fears and limiting beliefs.
I am here to help people discover and align to their purpose by serving as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world and to connect them with the divine realms to attain their Highest Potential for the Highest of Good!


  • Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

  • Divine Light Medium & Lightworker

  • Certified Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Certified Shamanic Arts Practitioner 

  • Spiritual Guide & Intuitive Psychic

  • Certified Leela Game Guide & Breathwork Facilitator

  • Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Therapy 

  • (National Guild of Hypnotists)

  • All for the Highest Good!

  • If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, high stress level...

  • If you are ready to heal but not sure where to begin...

  • If you are struggling with family or having relationship issues...

  • If you feel stuck and lost, looking for the way out...

  • If you are looking for your purpose in life...

  • If you are ready to let go of the past trauma & become emotionally stronger...

  • If you are ready to begin your healing journey, you have found your safe space. We welcome you with Love. 





  • Do you believe and feel that you have a strong intuition?

  • Do you sense energies around you?

  • Do you have vivid dreams and can see visions?

  • Do you feel that the spiritual world is calling you?

  • Are you ready to grow your spiritual abilities and your gifts?

  • Ready to find your authentic self?

Join us beautiful soul, grow with us!


Is the spiritual world calling you? Do you feel that majority of people around you do not understand your calling for alternative, holistic healing, and a deep journey of self-awakening? With us,
You have 
found your space, welcome!

  • Connect to your higher self through deep spiritual work, meditation and energy healing & the Divine Realms.

  • Connect with your inner child and your ancestors, feel the touch of magic and learn to manifest your deepest desires.

  • Connect with your Subconscious mind and the power of Cosmic Consciousness through meditation and hypnosis.

We are waiting for you
with an open heart!


Join our Tribe, the Tribe where you can be yourself, where you meet like-minded people & find new friends, heal & connect with the depth of your soul.

All genders are welcome, Worldwide.

Whether it's your first encounter with spiritual healing & awakening or you are already on the divine mission to grow further, go deeper & higher, welcome Beautiful Soul to our Soul Circle, our unique, one of a kind - Spiritual Club.

What We Offer with the Moon Membership Plan


Membership plan





per year


  • Online Community Chats, Forum & Group discussions via Live App, Members page

  • Access to Recorded Meditations – two new meditations every month, full library access

  • Daily Affirmations & Motivations to raise your vibrations

  • 2 Biweekly LIVE Group Calls per month with Layla Moon, Guided Meditation + Q&A & Guest Speakers *

  • Be first to find out about the Upcoming Events & Courses with *priority* booking

  • Weekly healing challenges and mindfulness exercises

  • Resources library of useful tips and guidance & so much more!

  • Priority bookings for Layla Moon Community Events & Workshops, online and in person

  • Enjoy the 10% off your first Leela Game (Game of Self Knowledge, the Cosmic Consciousness)

  • Instant access to your community of like minded people, your tribe, Your Circle!

  • Easy & friendly, any day cancellation policy

Soothing Bell

Over 6,000 Individual Sessions
100+ Guided Events & Circles
Worldwide Community
Awakening Courses & Workshops 

Hundreds of Grateful Clients


I am so grateful to have connected with Layla! Her warm, calming & positive presence immediately made me feel safe. I have received numerous Reiki healing sessions and felt a positive shift in my energy. I'm incredibly thankful for the tremendous support & guidance Layla has provided on my healing & spiritual journey. If you're thinking to connecting with Layla, do it! Layla is truly gifted. Thank you for being yourself & sharing your gift with me & so many others!

Sadiya, A. 


Hands Up

Our community is a safe, judgment free, sacred space filled with compassion, healing, empowerment, support & so much more in the Highest vibrations of Love & Light.

We can't wait for You

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