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Life in Between Lives


“Our minds and bodies can completely heal when we tap into the limitless potential of the subconscious mind. Everything we need to know is within us.”

Profound Adventure through time and beyond, Life Between Incarnations. Live in Between Lives is a next level journey after Past Life Regression to gain deeper knowledge of the journey of your soul across time and space, discovering your Soul Purpose, meeting your Soul Circle, visiting laboratory of souls, your Council of Light Beings and more. It is a beyond extraordinary journey through your subconscious mind that remembers everything! 

‘Life Between Lives’ refers to the experience of being between incarnations (the inter-life), where you exist as a pure energy being. It also is the name of a process pioneered by Dr Michael Newton. Life Between Lives (LBL) is a deep hypnotic guided process that allows you to remember your experience of the afterlife and reconnect you with your true self and your guiding beings. 

Life in Between Lives Wisdom offers you: 

  • a renewed sense of purpose and peace, helping you make sense of your place on this planet & this lifetime

  • a more complete perception of who you really are – the sum total of all your past lives

  • insight into what you are learning now, so that you can make sense of your current life experiences

  • a sense of the eternity of your consciousness, and an end to the fear of physical death

  • a new, profound understanding of the collaboration of your soul with other souls and your personal guides and teachers

  • healing and expanded consciousness.

  • enables you to access your own spiritual wisdom to find a deeper understanding of who you are as an immortal identity, bringing healing and expanded consciousness to your current life.

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Life Between Lives, is a deep hypnotic regression to that very special time a soul spends in spirit between incarnations. During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones and other wise beings who help you explore your soul lessons, life’s purpose and other questions that you have prepared for the session. During this time in spirit many experience healing, unconditional love and oneness with all things. LBL is a profound, life transforming experience.

To the mind, the process is almost seamless. During a regression, we shift from a beta brain-wave state—the state characteristic of normal waking consciousness—to the alpha state, the state of relaxation. From there, and with my guidance, you will move into either a theta or gamma state. Theta is the state of being aware but drowsy; it’s most often experienced just before falling asleep and again just before waking. It is a safe and gentle process.

I will be asking you questions intended to help you connect more fully to your experience and you will narrate your story, just like an interview process. Fascinating, isn't it?


Life Between Lives regression therapy is based on research by Dr. Michael Newton that spanned more than 25 years with over 7000 of his clients. I follow his protocols and methods when I guide my clients. 

     "For those of us who have had the opportunity to actually see our immortality, a new depth of self               understanding and empowerment emerges." Dr. Michael Newton

Important to know:

Choose Past Life & Life in Between Lives Regression facilitators that are accredited and certified Hypnotists that are following the code of ethics and know what they are doing! This is very important.

I am a certified Hypnotist and Certified Past Life & Life In Between Lives Regression Therapist and I genuinely love helping people to become more aligned to their special, unique journey and their authentic self for their Highest Potential & Highest Good. 

Session duration: 3 hours (in person session preferred, an online video call option is also available)


Prerequisites: Past Life Regression session with me. It is very important as it is the Next Step of your Journey.

Your ability to go into an altered state of mind easily, deep meditation experience or hypnosis experience is required, at least 1 Past Life Regression session. Feel free to message me with any questions.  I cannot wait to Guide you! This regression is the most profound soul journey you can ever experience in a human form! 

Life Between Lives Regression fee:

Price: $299 (includes the recording of your session, so you can re-listen to your journey) - and you will as it is mind blowing, something that will change your life! 

*All prices are in Canadian funds and do not include HST

I accept payment by cash, e-transfer or PayPal



“I don’t need to know you to Feel you!”


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