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Layla Moon

Founder of Layla Moon Community

Certified Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Certified Regression Therapist & more

Hello Beautiful Souls,

My name is Layla Moon. It is not a coincidence that you have landed on my website, as nothing in this life happens by accident - especially when you are looking for answers and guidance. I look at “coincidences” in our lives as divine signs and hints that guide and reroute us to a path of realigning ourselves to our special purpose, to inner self-discovery and lead us to the right people that will play an influential role in your life journey.

Are you ready to heal, awaken and transform? Each one of us is genuinely unique with our own exclusive story. Welcome to my page! There is a reason why you are here, just trust me…

Ever since I was a child, I was highly intuitive and sensitive to energies and vibrations around me. I remember hearing and talking to Spirits, seeing them with the corner of my eyes, feeling them. It was scary for me as a child, as I realized that no one else in my family or circle of friends could see and hear what I did.

One day I woke up and realized: I am able to communicate with souls and spirits on the other side! Then, I started predicting things… feeling people’s emotions, energies…

I remember that my mom was worried and fearful of my visions and “strange” abilities. She even reached out to a local church and asked a priest to come to see me to clear and bless our apartment. Remember, how conservative and closed-minded our society was in 70’-80’?  Yep… This caused me to close myself up for many, many years.

Spiritual visions kept coming out of me from time to time, but I just explained it as a “gut feeling” or “special knowing”. And that was basically it for a long time. Until I could not hide it anymore, as I have realized that I have a gift and I must accept it – to help people and fully align to who I am inside. My divine purpose! Oh, it took me a long time…and courage.

I am truly thankful to my teachers and coaches, my husband, my brother, my sons and my close friends who have fully supported me in my transformational journey, back to who I am and was destined to be!

Thanks goodness the times have changed and now, more than ever people are looking for spiritual awakening and guidance.  Most of us yearn to discover how unique we all are and learn that there is a whole Universe to support, protect, lead and guide us. We all have the power to be our authentic selves.  All we must do is open up - widely, freely, fearlessly. And I am here to support you!

Even though, I was successful is my corporate career, I have always known deep inside that it was not my purpose or true calling. I felt more and more suffocated each year… to the point where I started to cry for no “obvious reason”. I even developed anxiety, heart pain…followed by insomnia.

Finally, I realized what these physical symptoms really meant: I was not fulfilling my true purpose. My authentic self wanted to come out and I knew this is the time, no more delays, no more hiding from myself.  I decided to take action and since then, my entire life has changed!

It was not easy to make these huge changes in my life – it took me years…But how grateful and liberated I feel today! I am fully aligned with my Soul Purpose. Being empathetic by nature – I genuinely love people, each soul is so beautiful and so unique – they inspire me!

I have so much love to give and I am here to share it with you, for the Highest Good!

Today, I can proudly and openly call myself:


Divine Light Medium & Lightworker


Certified Usui Reiki Master Teacher


Certified Past Life Regression Therapist


Certified Shamanic Arts Practitioner (Munay-Ki)


Spiritual Guide, Certified Tarot Reader & Psychic


Certified Hypnotist, Hypnosis Therapy (National Guild of Hypnotists)

Also, I specialize in: Crystal Healing, Sound Bath Healing, Guided Mediations, Soul Contract Retrievals, Inner Child Healing, Animal Spirit Retrieval, Shamanic journeying and more … all for the Highest of Good!


I love to learn and advance myself continuously. When you follow your dreams and align to your soul purpose - everything comes easily to you. I encourage you to follow your dreams, my beautiful souls!

Thank you for reading my story and for your energy, I truly appreciate it!

Love and Light,

Layla Moon


My Soul Purpose

My Soul Purpose – is to spiritually help and support people in their healing journey, give guidance, to empower and infuse them with love and light, remove energetic and emotional blockages, overcome fears and limiting beliefs. I am here to help people discover and align to their purpose by serving as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual world and to connect them with the divine realms to attain their Highest Potential for the Highest of Good!


“I don’t need to know you to Feel you!”


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Healing Stones

Dear Layla,

Layla's Centre is a sacred, cozy and welcoming space where every person can find what they need, regardless of which point of their spiritual journey they currently are at. I loved every experience I had at Layla's - deep relaxation during meditative sessions, women's circles, open door events, beautiful Reiki energy healing sessions, guidance into the realms of higher self and my most recent experience of Reiki Level I course completion. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had and it wouldn't have been possible without Layla's unconditional acceptance and love, her I have had the pleasure to meet Layla and access her reiki and energy healing services so far on 2 occasions and I am so looking forward to continue seeing her in the future. She is truly a blessing and gifted in her work. She gives her time and care in assessing your needs for improving and healing areas in your life that you desire. I felt an immediate shift in my energy balance and perspectives that I was struggling with for years. The warmth and healing energy that emanates from her hands is palpable. I am greatful for the insights she has given me. She explains in detail everything she does and really takes time to get to know who you are and what you want. Her office space is very clean and filled with light and peaceful energy. If you're looking for a true healer She is the one.guidance and warm support, her desire to help and her motivating energy!

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