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Certified Usui Reiki Master

Intuitive Empath & Guide

Layla Moon Community

Hello Soul Sisters and Brothers, my name is Stella. Thank you for reading My Story and how my personal journey of self-discovery guided me to my Soul Purpose.  I am an intuitive empath and a Certified Reiki Master; I am passionate about energy healing and inspired by meeting clients who, themselves, are looking for a new healing experience to enrich their personal or spiritual journey.

From a young age, I was faced with many life challenges and difficulties. I was a lost soul navigating through life with an inner emptiness and questioning, what is my purpose?  I was yearning for a harmonious relationship to reconnect with my true essence of being.

It was 2017, when my soul awakened.  My biggest challenge was accepting and moving beyond the struggles of my past.  I had inherited feelings of self-doubt, insecurities and lack of self-love. Repeated patterns and behaviors continued until 2019, when I experienced a Divine Intervention; a magical shift occurred with a deep desire to truly understand who I am.

I practiced inner-child healing, journaling, connecting with nature, forgiveness and embodied a new consciousness of gratitude and mindfulness. My true essence was unfolding effortlessly.

In 2021, I introduced energy healing with Layla Moon, as an integral part of my journey to deepen my transformation. I was rising to a new level of higher consciousness; my innate intuition blossomed and realized I have an ability to feel and sense souls from the other side of our existence.  I was empowered by the effects of receiving energy healing which I felt a compelling calling to give back and help other individuals, too, to rise up.

With the support and encouragement from Layla Moon, I pursued Usui Reiki Certification. I embarked on my new path practicing as a Reiki Practitioner since April 2022.  My healing and awakening flowed with ease and grace as I stayed committed to my healing journey.  I am forever grateful to the Universe that I have found my true purpose in this lifetime.  I am thankful for my past and now living from a place of peace, joy, authenticity and self- love.

I appreciate my clients and thank them for trusting me with their journey whether, personal, spiritual or simply including Reiki as an essential part of their daily self-care and overall well-being.  When they heal, I heal, too.

Love and Light,


Usui Reiki Master

Intuitive Empath

Spiritual Soul Guidance

My Soul Purpose

My Soul Purpose is to empower, support and guide people to harness their healing journey and to overcome past trauma, triggers, limited beliefs and lack mentality with a divine intention to help them heal and return to their authentic self. 

Being an intuitive empath, I am here to help align you on the plains of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual realms of well-being for the Highest of all Good.


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