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Virtual Spiritual Healing and Consultation

Spiritual Awakening and Guidance bring meaning to your life, sense of freedom, empowerment, joy and fulfillment which lead you to a great happiness and soul alignment.


“Find your way to your Higher Self and uncover your Highest Potential for your Highest Good!”

   This option is for you if you:

  • feel that the Spiritual World in calling you

  • have a particular question in mind

  • feel that you have a “gift” to help people

  • you are an empath, and you do not know how to protect yourself

  • feel lost and do not know where to start

  • unable to make a certain step or a decision in your life journey

  • would like to uncover your soul purpose or enhance your spiritual awakening

  • or just looking for a spiritual advice?


Session includes chakra energy field scan, aura scan, removal from you the negative spiritual attachments, emotional traumas, blocks and fears, 15 mins of reiki energy healing, alignment of the chakras, centering with the Universe, opening of the doors that have been closed and bringing back the spirit of life, joy and happiness to you, including divine guidance and consultation infused with messages from the Spirit World.

Each session is truly unique! Your session will be modified based on your needs and my vision how to support you in the most effective way.

Spiritual Healing and Consultation Session Fees

 $150 (up to 60 minutes)


The session takes about 60 minutes and can be done over phone, Zoom or WhatsApp.


*All prices are in Canadian funds and do not include HST

I accept payment by cash, e-transfer or PayPal



“I don’t need to know you to Feel you!”


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