Full Moon Ceremony and Meditation 2022

Full Moon is a powerful time to release things that are no longer serving you & reconnect with yourself. Click to see dates.
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🌕 In person Full Moon Ceremony and Meditation. Women circles.

✨Magical, empowering, inspiring women circles - full of healing energy, high vibrations of love and light.

⭐️ Releasing what no longer serves us, manifesting our dreams, setting new goals, embracing new beginnings and meditating together under the light of the Full Moon.

🌕 A full moon is a perfect time to release things that are no longer serving you & reconnect with yourself. And what better time to set intentions and let go than surrounded by the power of divine feminine energy in a circle with magic of full moon? 🙌
🌕 By doing a full moon ritual ceremony, you are stepping into your personal power and actively petitioning and preparing your unconscious mind for transformation.

🙌This is a great time to release what is no longer serving you as you pave way for the things you asked for to come into your life. If any negative emotions and blocks are keeping you from manifesting your desires, the Full Moon offers an opportunity for you to release and let them go for the Highest Good and your Highest Potential!⠀

🌕 Let’s cleanse our energy fields, release what no longer serves us, set our intentions, manifest our dreams, make powerful affirmations and meditate together 🙌

Location: Layla Moon Wellness Centre, 9983 Keele Street, Unit 301, Vaughan, ON.

Small groups - 10 beautiful souls. Fee: $65 per person.

Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Looking forward to seeing you 💛 it will be magical!

When women gather in a circle, magic happens! Join the circle.

Feel free to check my Instagram page for event stores and pictures from previous magical and empowering events!

My Instagram: @layla.moonsoul

Love and Light,
Layla Moon

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