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Detox your Mind ✨

In our non stop, hectic lifestyle we face with constant overthinking, questioning every second with daily thoughts. Whether you are a parent consumed by kids or business person, mind detox is crucial to release tension. ✨💆‍♂️

Detox your mind with these tips for a mental reset:

1. 💭 Thought Detox: Write down all current thoughts continuously appearing while writing down everything on the paper. This practice clears the mind, leaving you feeling lighter. Release every single thought, even if this though sound weird, funny or silly 😉🙌 Just trust the process and release it on a paper.

2. 📵 Social Media Break: Establish boundaries between your real & social media life. Avoid any kind of addiction towards what is not real. Remember not to be influenced by lower vibrations that you can see on your feed and follow positive accounts to uplift you spirit.

3. 🏡 Space cleanse: Our home reflects our well-being. Do you feel happy every day when you wake up and see your space? Do you feel happy when you come home after work? Do you feel safe? If the answer is NO then eliminate anything that drains your energy: let the energy flow freely! Rid your space of items from your past that brings you down, organize your space, put some fresh flowers, use essential oils to make your space smell good. All of it will change your feeling being at home. Clear space =clear mind!

4. 🚫 Negative thought Alert: Be mindful of negative thinking. Catch yourself once you begin to drown in negativity & switch to positive thoughts. Your daily thoughts shape your present and future. Only you can choose how to start and live your day! Surround yourself with warm light of love and high vibrations. And begin your day with love and gratitude.

5. 🌐 Explore & Grow: Foster new brain connections by exploring new things - new book, meeting new people, discovering new places and trying new hobbies. Everyday try to change your habits and replace them for new once, as brushing your teeth with different hand, or completely change your morning routine and do something new. Remember we cannot expect for positive new events to come to our life if we continue to do same routine and having same habits. In order to change the world around you you have to change yourself.

What’s is your go-to method for a mental reset? Share in the comments ⬇️

Love & Light,

Layla Moon Soul Circle ✨

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